The Blue Elephant Car Wash proudly boasts of using the latest in car wash equipment to effectively clean your car. With new “Fiber Soft” cloth that gently molds to your vehicles surface, the environment friendly chemicals, effective tire and wheel cleaning and the best drying system in the area. We are proud to be Salem’s Premier Car Wash!
Our goals at the Blue Elephant Car Wash are to satisfy our customers with unmatchable customer service, to produce a clean car effectively and efficiently and be sure our products are environmentally safe for both our customer’s vehicle and the earth. We use a computer-controlled water management system to help conserve our planet’s most precious resource. Every time you wash here, you’re saving as much as 70% of the water you would typically expend washing your car at home.


Our Prep System is what sets us apart from all the other places that give a vechile noting more than a quick spray before sending it in. 
Our experienced and friendly employees use a combined application of three different soaps and two kinds of brushes to clean the most stubborn areas of your vehicle before you even enter our machine. Our dirt-binding spray on soap pulls grime away from your vehicle’s exterior while our bug spray loosens the remains on your bumper. Our natural boar hair brushes are soft on paint and soaked in a dirt-repelling soap that removes any remaining grime after the pre-spray. For your rims we use nylon brushes designed with a soft face and rebounding bristles to knock loose grime from the tight corners on modern rims



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The Blue Elephant Car Wash uses non-caustic acid-free shampoos and cleaners to gently lift the dirt from your vehicle. Along with environmentally friendly soaps we also reclaim the water used in our washing process, and discharge the excess into the local water treatment facility. Our computer-controlled metering of precisely the right amount of water for efficient cleaning also contributes further to conservation of water for our planet.

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Our exclusive tire and wheel cleaning makes your tires and wheels look brand new again as it gently lifts the dirt and grime from your wheels and tires to begin the cleaning process. Our high pressure wheel cleaner blasts the residue that brake pads leave on you wheels, leaving them sparkling clean. We end the process with applying just the right amount of tire shine to leave you looking like you drove off the show room floor.

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Our experienced and friendly employees only top off the wonderful experience you'll receive at the Blue Elephant Car Wash.We provide the speed and convenience you want in washing your car. It can take as little as 3-5 minutes from the time you pull in, until you exit. Join us today for a car wash! If you are happy with our service please tell somebody you know! If you aren’t happy then please tell us!

Blue Elephant Car Wash Prices

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Winter hours November-Mid May, Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm
Summer hours June-Mid October, Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm
Sunday hours 8am-7pm

Wallace Road and Bassett Street NW, Salem Oregon 97304




Eugene S.

We went around 6pm and had no waiting which was very nice! The staff was friendly and I was impressed by the results. This wash is unique for its care of the undercarriage of the car. Very impressed with the wash. The staff does a pre-wash with scrubs and could have taped down my back window's wiper, but it did a sufficient wash regardless. Will come back!

Amar Saini

Excellent wash! They go around the vehicle and lightly scrub ALL sides AND WHEELS! ... Unlike others in the area who scrub one wheel then fender and call it good 🤷‍♂️ will be returning here for sure!


Kim T.

I had a lot of bird poop on the hood of my car. I appreciate the workers taking the time to scrub it off before my car went into the car wash. There were no scratches or anything on my car after I left. I know I worry about that sometimes when I use a machine car wash. Would definitely come back!


Chantell Kraemer

The only place in all of Salem/Keizer I will take my car to be washed. Never had a bad experience here after multiple bad experiences at other places. Can be a little busy but they keep the line moving as fast as humanly possible.


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Gloria W.

I seriously never go anywhere else to get my car washed. I love the fact that i can rely on consistent customer service, quality washes and friendly attitudes. For $14 for a really decent commercial wash, you can't really beat it anywhere in salem!

Jim Allhiser

This place is great! It is the best automatic car wash I have ever been to. I brought my bug smeared rig in and was very impressed at how clean they actually got it! Thanks Blue Elephant!


Conveniently located on Wallace Road NW behind Dutch Brothers

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